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Fortune China’s “25 Powerful People in Business” Suggests Getting Rich, ESG is Glorious

Posted in Automobiles, Business & Finance, Renewable Energy by ebalkan on April 23, 2009

AUTOSHOW/For the fifth year running, Fortune China has published its “25 Most Influential Business Leaders in China 2008” list, the feature article in the April issue. As in the past, selection was based on “leading executives influential within their corporation and industry, and capable of changing things on a wide scale,” both in China and internationally, said the syndicate.

A sign of the times, the 2008 list pays notice to executives promoting an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) corporate culture in China more than in years past. Chief among the leaders in this category was publicly traded solar panel manufacturer Suntech’s SHI Zhengrong and rechargeable battery-cum-electric automaker BYD’s Chairman WANG Chuanfu.

Several of the business leaders are also well known billionaires, according to their ranking in Forbes 2008 “China’s 400 Richest” and the Hurun report “2008 China Rich List.” Suntech’s Shi and BYD’s Wang, among China’s most well known billionaires, both fall into that category.

Other notable tycoons among Fortune’s top 25 include Chinese home appliance giant Suning’s Chairman ZHANG Jindong; online gaming mogul and Tencent Chairman MA Huateng; and HE Xiangjian, Chairman of Midea Home Appliance. The growing influence of China’s financial elite suggests that they have earned a place at the table – if not quite yet in Beijing, than certainly amongst investors looking to capitalize on the Chinese brands that will, in the years ahead, become global icons.

Just as personal wealth is on the rise among China’s influential business people, the importance of state-owned companies appears to be waning. Compared with previous years, the 2008 list featured more private sector companies. Only seven of the executives hailed from state-owned enterprises, while eight of the list’s 18 private sector companies are publicly trade firms.

Despite the evolution of China’s business culture, age and gender remain more resistant to change. 52 is the average age of this year’s business leaders, and only one of the luminaries, home appliance retailer Gree’s general manager, DONG Mingzhu, is a woman.

The full list can be seen here:

1 REN Zhengfei Huawei Founder 65 Telecom Private
2 YU Liang Vanke SZ:000002 CEO 44 Real Estate Private
3 DONG Mingzhu Gree SZ:000651 General Manager 55 Home Appliance SOE
4 YANG Yuanqing Lenovo SEHK:0992 CEO 45 Computing Public
5 MA Weihua China Merchants Bank SEHK:3968 President 59 Banking Public
6 HOU Weigui ZTE SEHK:0763 Chairman 67 Telecom Public
7 WANG Jianzhou China Mobile NYSE:CHL, SEHK:0941 Chairman & CEO 60 Telecom SOE
8 ZHANG Jindong Suning SZ:002024 Chairman 46 Electrical appliance retailer Private
9 MA Huateng Tencent SEHK:700 Chairman 38 Online service provider Private
10 WANG Chuanfu BYD SEHK:1211 Chairman 42 Rechargable Batteries / Auto Manufacturing Public
11 HE Xiangjian Midea SZ:000527 Chairman 67 Electrical appliance Private
12 YU Minhong New Oriental NYSE:EDU Principle 47 Education Public
13 FU Chengyu CNOOC NYSE:CEO, SEHK:0883 Chairman & CEO 58 Oil & Gas SOE
14 SHI Yuzhu Giant NYSE:GA Chairman & CEO 48 Online Gaming Public
15 LIN Shaoyong China Eastern Airlines NYSE:CEA SEHK:0670 Director 50 Airline SOE
16 WANG Linxiang Erdos Chairman 58 Cashmere Private
17 REN Jianxin Chem China General Manager 51 Chemicals SOE
18 NING Gaoning COFCO HKSE:506,
Chairman 51 Food processing & trading SOE
19 CAO Guowei Sina NASDAQ:SINA Director & CEO 44 Internet Private
20 Jack MA Yun Alibaba HKSE:1688 Founder 45 Internet Public
21 LI Ning Li Ning HKSE:2331 Founder & Chairman 56 Sportswear & Sporting goods Private
22 SHI Zhengrong Suntech Power NYSE:STP Founder & Chairman 46 Photovoltaics Public
23 HAN Sanping China Film Chairman 56 Chinese cinema SOE
24 CHENG Baijiao Belle HKSE:1880 CEO 57 Footwear Public
25 ZHOU Chengjian Metersbonwe SZ:002269 Chairman 44 Clothing retailer Private

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